Get rid of broken links


Not much is known about broken links damages, less about their quantities and frequencies in the websites. Broken link is the silent killer of websites. The broken link is hard to track and it's damage in not instant. Broken links hurt your credibility each time a surfer encounter one of them. It's an accumulative damage you are paying every day without to notice.

Many webmaster are not aware to the damage of broken links in search engine score.

Search engines are the source of 85% of the web traffic, as such they are the source of vitality to any website. A webmaster should gain any possible advantage for a better score. You can not afford to have broken links in your website.


Fixing broken links could be hard labor. You have to find the page with the broken link, locate the broken link within the page, find a replacement for the broken link, edit the source page and save it.


Fixing broken links wouldn't be hard labor with KeepNI's Broken link scanner this product has been designed exactly for this missions, it will save you a precious time and hard labor. KeepNI automatically finds the broken link, in a click of a mouse it will display the page, locate the broken link within the page or pinpoint the broken link's location in the source page using the supportive environment of syntax highlighted HTML editor.


KeepNI is loaded with features that will help you handle the broken links with minimum effort.

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